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Out…? ~Preface~

It was a calm evening, an evening filled with the melancholy of the fall season. Emily had gone to shop some art supplies after finishing her lessons at college and it had gotten rather late. Every day she would take the subway to go back and so did she that day as well. There was a lot of commotion underground but Emily was practically alone.

She finally arrived at the specific station where she had to be. The subway had yet to arrive. She stared at the panel: “10min” it read. Sure, it was a long time if you had nothing to do and were impatient to go home and relax. At times like this, Emily would usually stare at the people and try to guess what they were thinking or talking about, what the story behind their faces was. She first started doing this when she was young and used to wait for her mother to pick her up from the swimming pool. So, as she was observing the people who were passing by she noticed a mysterious looking girl with a black track suit and a sports hat that was also black. Her hair was long straight and black (too) and her jacket was opened and you guessed it… she was wearing a black shirt too. Emily couldn’t see her face though. “Her eyes can’t be black,” she though with a triumphant smile but in fact the girl wasn’t completely covered in black. Her track suit had a pair of white lines on the sides, like most tracksuits do anyway. Emily pictured the girl living alone in a small apartment and getting involved in dangerous situations which she was probably right about, at least to some point. View full article »

As I was walking through the hallway of the basement, suddenly, images starting coming to my mind, memories I had never before remembered… It felt exactly as if some kind of strong lighting had hit my head and then everything started becoming clearer.

“Lily! Lily! Good morning, Lily!” Violet was saluting me outside of my house with a wide smile. I am certain I was Lily; yes Lily, the daughter of the countess who had lived in the 19th century. View full article »

Two weeks had passed since Lily had arrived in this mysterious place, the border between the natural and supernatural world. Lily was at the Inn, she hadn’t made much progress with her social skills, she didn’t go out often. Violet would come to the inn often just to spend her time drinking coffee. View full article »

Lily walked in the woods, she couldn’t see a thing, it was foggy. She could hear the sound of the dry leaves and the grass while she stepped on it, some birds also seemed to be singing… Lily suddenly stopped walking: she was lost.

“I must find my way home” she thought. View full article »

Lily woke up in the bed of an old room; she looked at her surroundings just to realize that one day had passed and that the events that she thought to be dreams were actually reality. Lily felt confused and euphoric at the same time. She got up and opened the door of her room, it was noisy outside, the same men as yesterday were joking and drinking again. Lily disliked this kind of fuss however she liked the image of it somehow; it was something she had never seen before.

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